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Sommelier Coach is a highly professional study program, designed and created for those who love the world of wine and Champagne and want to become a capable, credible and authoritative expert.

It is divided into two distinct Programs and a Master, uses simple, commonly used language, perfect even for those who are not professionals or have never studied this topic before.

It is an absolute novelty in Italy, structured completely online, the result of years of study and research, enclosed in a series of high-value Training Video Sessions, refined and tested in the last two years on some people who today hold roles of great responsibility : Purchasing managers of luxury hotel chains, food & beverage managers, Chef Sommelier and Maître of starred restaurants, wine bloggers.


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Click below and you will receive a series of Videos of the highest value that will guide you in the world of wine and Champagne, they will give you all the right tools to become an excellent Taster and without any effort and expense, but sitting comfortably in your home, you they will give the necessary notions to become a great expert in this sector, a credible and authoritative point of reference.



  • You will understand what are the various Types of Wine
  • You will acquire the art of tasting
  • You will learn to recognize all the aromas of wine
  • You will know the real Sensory Analysis
  • We will teach you the techniques and tricks for a perfect food and wine pairing
  • You will know how to buy wine for the ideal occasion
  • We will make an analysis on the figure of the Sommelier
  • You will understand how to create a cellar in the house
  • You will learn how to create and manage the cellar and the wine list in the restaurant
  • We will teach you service techniques
  • You will learn your client's psychology in order to be able to better manage him
  • You will understand what to do to sell more wine in your place
  • You will learn how to communicate wine in the post Covid-19
  • You will know the best Italian and international terroirs
  • We will teach you how to convey greater value to your customer
  • We will discover the next wine market trends
  • You will do specific insights on other drinks such as: beer, spirits, waters, coffee, saké
  • We will teach you to promote your specific business through the use of social media without spending money unnecessarily and obtaining amazing results
  • You will learn the Art of Effective and Persuasive Communication
  • You will understand which glasses to use and how to manage them
  • You will understand how wine is made, doing a long study on viticulture and oenology
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Sommelier and Champagne expert at an international level, Chevalier du Champagne, Maître Sabreur, fashion designer and profound connoisseur of the world of luxury in all its facets. Consultant for some world-renowned brands and lecturer in Luxury Marketing University Masters. Founder of a Champagne producer company as well as creator and owner of exclusive Champagne Cuvèe. Creator of Sensory Paths, with deep personal introspection, for the world of tasting. Online Marketing Expert, NLP Master and Public Speaker. Cesare’s dad.


Professional Sommelier, Italian Champion in 2012 and among the top 30 best Sommeliers in the world; consultant for various luxury hotel activities and for michelin starred restaurants, coach and trainer in the world of wine. Over the years he has obtained numerous qualifications: taster of cured meats, national coffee taster, idrosommelier and tea sommelier. He also obtained the qualification of sake sommelier and the title of Certified Sommelier at the Court of Masters Sommelier. International judge for ITI Brussels, for Decanter World Wine Award London and for Concurso Bacchus Madrid. Matilde's dad

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Some comments about us:

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Benito Langella

"I work as a Restaurant Manager in high quality structures such as Palazzo Parigi in Milan and RC Resort in Mortara (PV) and I am the 2019 National Winner of the AIBES competition for the Sparkling category. Sommelier Coach has been able to give me a series of techniques and methodologies completely new and innovative, never found anywhere else, thanks to which I raised my preparation to the highest levels "

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Giuseppe Zuottolo

"I am a Professional Sommelier, I work as a restaurant manager at the L'Olivo restaurant in Capri, two Michelin stars, and I am one of the finalists in the Best Maître of Emerging Italy 2019 competition. I approached Sommelier Coach with great skepticism, instead then I completely changed my mind. I didn't think it was structured so well and that it could improve my professionalism so much "

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Michele Tartarini

"No one had ever explained to me which type of wine to choose for each different occasion, finally now I have stopped making a bad impression and have become the reference point for friends"

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Laura Biagi

"When I heard someone tell a story behind a glass of wine, I always thought he was making fun of me. Now I can finally know for sure when this happens"

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Claudio Volontieri

"I have been a wine expert for many years, I have frequented the most luxurious and exclusive places in the world but never, before, had I been able to perceive all the emotions that a glass of wine can give"

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Stefano Leccese

"Since I entered the Sommelier Coach world my way of tasting wine has totally changed, I can finally find the aromas and tastes that I was not able to recognize before"


we will toast together to your success